Harvest Information Program (HIP) certification is federally required for all hunters of migratory birds. This certification should be completed with
the purchase of each season's hunting license. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is now making it available from their website, at http://www.wlf.state.la.us.

The certification is free of charge and consists of answering a few questions about the amount of migratory birds bagged the previous season. This information allows for the development of better harvest estimates, season dates and regulations.

LDWF hopes that by placing the certification on-line, lifetime license holders will be reminded that they need to re-certify each season. And while persons not required to obtain a hunting license, such as youth under the age of 16, they may be encouraged to participate in order to provide more complete information. This will also allow for a more convenient process. The license holder needs only a computer with internet access and a printer. The certification may be printed out at the end of the survey.  In the event that the user does not have a printer, other arrangements may be made.

"Our goal is to make this process as user friendly as possible," said Mike Olinde, LDWF Program Manager. "This program is very important because it provides vital information that we want as accurate as possible. It is also important for the hunter to remember that failing to certify is a violation of federal migratory bird regulations."